Mystery Service Saturdays


Mystery Service Saturdays is a new monthly program where students are given the chance to explore the volunteer and social opportunities around North Carolina. Students will embark on a day of service to an unknown local organization and provide their help. Afterwards, students will participate in a fun social activity that explores local North Carolina culture, as well as allows students to interact with those they have served with. Be excited for the element of surprise and the enjoyment of service!


Our next Mystery Service Saturday is On July 21st and Students can register here to participate:

Please register by Thursday July 19th

After 15 participants sign up for this event, all additional volunteers will be put on a wait list. If participants cannot attend, those on the wait list will begin to be asked if they would like to come. After signing up, you will be alerted if you are on the wait list or not.

For any questions regarding the event, please email Jackie Lanning at