New Orleans

ASB-New Orleans

Goodnight Scholars

Priority will be given to students in the Goodnight Scholars Program

Many populations within the United States continue to feel the impact of the evolution of the US healthcare system. This evolution contributes to a tiered system of healthcare that impacts individuals from numerous socioeconomic statuses, especially when residing in large urban communities. New Orleans, Louisiana represents a prime example of how healthcare options and services are created and changed in urban communities where one can find an eclectic mix of socioeconomic communities.

In partnership with Ochsner Health System and the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, Goodnight Scholars will explore how major medical facilities and community-based health clinics serve and support residents of a major urban environment; the future of healthcare reformation in the United States; and the intimate stories of those impacted by the current state of healthcare in New Orleans and the United States. Activities include providing direct staff support to clinical nurses, staff members, and patients of Ochsner Health System; providing care and facilitating programs for cancer patients and caregivers at Hope Lodge; and immersion into advocacy, outreach, and social justice programs for the Common Ground Health Clinic.

These experiences will enable Goodnight Scholars to bring the perspectives and knowledge they learned on this trip back to North Carolina, where they can work towards improving healthcare-related issues in their communities.