Atlanta, GA


Medici Project

This is a NEW trip this year!

Located in the central hub of southeastern United States commerce, travel, and culture, Medici Project loves serving in Atlanta, GA. With major urban roots experienced primarily in its influence through hip-hop, Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the most influential cities in the United States. From Hollywood films to new tech startups, this city is booming with activity and culture.
With so many exciting things happening in Atlanta, there’s still people, like any other city, who are struggling to make ends meet. With a homeless population of around 7,000 individuals, failing urban schools, lack of access to healthy food options, and major human trafficking issues, this city is in dire need of service and positive influence.
Medici Project strategically engages these issues by assisting other agencies who are working to bring empowerment and dignified lifestyles to those who are experiencing such issues. From serving in homeless shelters to urban gardening projects, tutoring kids in schools to making meals for home bound elderly, our hope for students serving in Atlanta, GA would be for them to experience very innovative and effective ways of serving others, that may help shape their future vocations through a worldview and desire to serve others.
Some projects & issues that Medici Project serve in are:
  • Homelessness
  • Education
  • Human Trafficking
  • Refugees
  • Health
  • Food Desserts
  • Community Development

To get a sense of what is possible for this trip please visit the Medici Project website.