Youth Education / Community Imersion

The Alternative Service Break to Alaska was introduced in Spring 2008 and has been a long standing tradition of the program. Participants on this experience with have the opportunity to connect with the community in a variety of ways including working in the public school, the Boys & Girls Club and Senior Center in Hoonah. Participants will experience this with the rich cultural backdrop of the Tglingit people. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the history, culture, and community that is Hoonah, Alaska.

“As soon as we arrived in Hoonah, the importance of family and community became apparent. We were welcomed into this town with open arms. The people offered us food, friendship, and let us explore their language and history. Even though we came from very different backgrounds it was not difficult at all to find common ground. We appreciated food, music, storytelling, and nature. I have never felt so at home instantly in a strange place.” -Miranda H

“ASB Alaska was full of not only beautiful sights and nature, but also some of the most interesting and memorable people I have ever met. Going to the public school, Boys & Girls Club and senior center in Hoonah allowed me an invaluable opportunity to talk to and really get to know the people of the Hoonah community. I’m grateful to have experienced this trip with an outstanding and caring group of peers from NC State.” – Sarah G

Important Information:

  • Trip dates: March 5-15, 2020
  • Location: Hoonah, Alaska
  • Approximate cost: $1,350 – $1,550
  • Trip cost covers transportation, housing, and meals
  • Photos from previous trips