Deborah S. Moore Awards

The Deborah S. Moore Service Award is a memorial recognizing exemplary service by NC State students and organizations. Deborah S. Moore, a NC State graduate, served as the first Volunteer Coordinator of the NC State Student Center. She made many contributions to society including volunteer work, teaching English to retired Spanish-speaking people and working with people with disabilities as well as those from under-resourced communities. A Beaufort County native, Mrs. Moore was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie R. Singleton. The memorial was created in the spring of 1977.

Outstanding Student Volunteer 

This award will recognize a student who has been involved in service to the community throughout their college career. This award can only be won once while enrolled at NC State.

Outstanding Student Organization 

This award will recognize an NC State student organization that has made a difference to NC State or the local community through service and volunteerism during the academic year. Nominees must be registered student organizations at NC State.

Outstanding Service Program

This award will recognize a one-time event or ongoing project that has had a great impact on the community or an agency during the academic year.

Outstanding Philanthropy Program

This award recognizes a student-led fundraising event in which the proceeds were donated to a non-profit or charity to support their work in the community and was completed in the academic year.