N.C. State Students Launch “Leadership Unpacked,” A Podcast

“I think the best way to learn from people is to first learn from your peers and their real experiences, real things that have happened to them,” said Luke Shealy, the co-host of Leadership Unpacked, a student-produced podcast that invites young leaders of different disciplines and backgrounds to share anecdotes about their own personal leadership challenges and how they lead through their passions.

Shealy, a first-year student studying environmental engineering at N.C. State University, and co-host Nyawira Nyota was interested in filling a niche — podcasts with a focus on youth leadership.

“So to be able to take something away from this is one of the main focuses we have,” Shealy said. Because leadership is so multi-faceted and person-dependent, Shealy and Nyota end the episode “unpacking” leadership styles from their conversations with experts.

Shealy and Nyota sat down with Brandon Yancey, known by the stage name, “Yance Tha Whys,” for their first episode to discuss The Hip Hop Project, a student organization led by Yancey to bring musicians and enthusiasts together in one collaborative space. In the interview, Yancey shared the challenges of balancing his passion for music with the competing demands of his studies as a chemical engineering major.

“You can tell, even just by the tone of his voice, but being there and seeing the way his face lit up when he was talking about this project that he has put so much love and effort into was very, very cool,” Shealy said. “I feel like his interview is something you need to listen to more than once. There are so many little things that he says that are just amazing pieces of advice.”

To conclude the podcast, the hosts spoke with Brian Mathis, associate director of the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service at N.C. State, discussed how Yance “inspired a shared vision” as part of the exemplary leadership practices outlined by Kouzes and Posner in their book The Leadership Challenge.

The first episode will be aired on WKNC 88.1 Friday, April 6 at 8 a.m. After that, listeners can stream the podcast at anytime, anywhere, via the Leadership Unpacked page on the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service website.

Leaders interested in sharing their story can submit an application via Google Form, or contact Luke Shealy directly via email at ldshealy@ncsu.edu.

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Written by Jackie Perini.

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