Mystery Service Saturdays


Mystery Service Saturday is a program in Leadership and Civic Engagement where students are given the chance to explore the social and volunteer opportunities around North Carolina.  Students will embark to an unknown local service organization and provide their help. Afterwards, students will be taken to a fun social activity that explores local North Carolina culture, as well as allows students to interact with those they have served with!  Be excited for the element of surprise and the enjoyment of service!


The next Mystery Service Saturday will be announced soon! In the meantime, visit the NC State Service Site to interact with organizations in the Raleigh community! View the needs of a wide range of nonprofits, and subscribe to specific organizations or service categories to be notified when new needs are posted. Students can register and sign in using their Unity ID

Past Events

Raleigh Little Theatre

For this Mystery Service Saturday we stayed in the Raleigh area and walked to the Little Raleigh Theater! They were hosting their annual Groove in the Garden festival where participants got to help interact with the public, bands, and vendors at the event. The Mystery Crew helped greet and direct the public, helped vendors and bands set up, and checked people in to the event. Groove in the Garden acts as a major fundraiser for Little Raleigh Theater and attracted a lot of community members. After volunteering for several hours, participants got to check out the vendors, listen to music, and get food from the vendors. Everyone was exhausted after a long day in the sun and socializing with the group and public!

Summer Edition

For this Mystery Service Saturday, it was a scorcher! Our brave Mystery Crew spent their morning tending to Alliance Medical Ministry´s garden. AMM is an organization which offers medical care for individuals who cannot purchase their own and do not qualify for Medicaid. After helping beautify and upkeep the garden, the Mystery Crew took a trip to Pullen Park. There they discussed their day´s work over Gusto Pizza, a local farm to table pizzeria, and a ride on the Pullen Park Train Shuttle. With many of these participants being Summer START students, it was a great opportunity to get the year started right!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Edition

For this Mystery Service Saturday, participants took a trip to the nearby Inter-Faith Food Shuttle grocery packing facility. While we have worked in the IFFS´s Learning Garden before, this was our first time helping bag groceries! After creating our assembly line and filling the bags with goods, we had the chance to directly deliver the groceries to their low-income elderly recipients. After visiting a nearby local bakery and exploring Downtown Cary, this experience sparked a discussion ad Mr. King and his legacy as to how it pertains to Civic Engagement.

Deluxe Edition

For this Mystery Service Saturday, we took twice as many participants as we usually do, bringing our number from 12 to a whopping 30! Participants helped glean sweet potatoes in a nearby Johnston County farm as we partnered up with Society of St. Andrews to address food insecurity. All of the sweet potatoes gleaned were transferred to local food banks to help combat hunger in our local communities. After the service, the Mystery Crew took a trip to a nearby farm holding a Fall Festival. Everyone had a blast feeding and petting the goats and pigs that were there, and taking a hayride to the flower fields nearby.

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