Nov 7-11 L.E.G.O. Week! Leadership. Engagement. Growth. Opportunity.


The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service (CSLEPS) are inviting students to join us for L.E.G.O. Week from Monday, November 7th through Friday, November 11th. L.E.G.O. Week Stands for Leadership, Engagement, Growth, Opportunity Week. This week seeks to develop inspiration, passion, leadership, and impact for all students. Any student is welcome to join us for all events. We recommend you come to them all as each event will build upon each other for maximum leadership development!

“Inspire” is a tabling event held Monday through Wednesday in Talley Student Union Lobby. Stop by at the varying times given below to receive more information on CSLEPS events and leadership development opportunities. This event also aims to develop your passion and leadership. Come out to L.E.G.O. Week “Inspire” to get engaged with creating positive change and learn about follow up opportunities to explore and develop your leadership and passion with CSLEPS!

“Explore” is a Thursday night program held in Talley Student Union Room 3210 at 5:30pm. This event aims to explore identity, leadership, and commitment as it pertains to you! L.E.G.O. Week: “Explore” will give you ways to learn how to develop and make actions steps towards creating change here at NC State and beyond!

Lastly, “Impact” is a Friday social night held in the CSLEPS suite in Talley RM 4111 at 5pm. This event is a time to get social and get engaged! Come out to our social to network with other students and leaders on campus. L.E.G.O. Week: “Impact” will help you learn how to increase engagement and impact in your leadership and service area!

We proudly present L.E.G.O. week and we hope to see you there!


L.E.G.O. Week (Leadership, Engagement, Growth, Opportunity)


Day One – Three 

Title: “L.E.G.O. Week :Inspire”
Monday 11/7: 1pm – 2:30pm
Tuesday 11/8: 9:30am – 11am
Wednesday 11/9: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Location: Talley Student Union Lobby

Day Four

Title: “L.E.G.O. Week: Explore”
Date: Thursday 11/10
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Location: Talley Student Union room 3210

Day Five

Title: “L.E.G.O. Week: Impact”
Date: Friday 11/11
Time: 5pm – 6:30pm
Location: Talley Student Union, CSLEPS Suite room 4111

For any additional information email Jonique Lyles, CSLEPS, Leadership Development Student Coordinator, at .

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