Leadership Unpacked Podcast

What is Leadership Unpacked?

Leadership Unpacked is a student-produced podcast that seeks to highlight youth leadership. We speak with young leaders about their passions, the challenges they have faced, and what inspires them.

Leadership cannot be defined by any one trait. Everyone exhibits leadership in different forms throughout life. On our journey to understand leadership, we also speak with experienced leaders and experts to “unpack” the incredible conversations that we are having with youth leaders.

Episodes are aired on WKNC every other Friday at 8 AM. Leadership Unpacked will also be housed below on the Leadership and Civic Engagement website. Follow our journey to unpack leadership on Instagram.

Meet the Hosts

Hi, I’m Luke Shealy. I’m studying environmental engineering and Spanish here at NC State. Beyond hosting Leadership Unpacked, I am involved with Engineers Without Borders and the March for Science. My first big experience with leadership was leading the March for Science in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. It was so inspiring to see over 2,000 people march together to support STEM and start a conversation about the challenges facing the scientific community. I believe that leadership is so interesting because everyone has their own style! I hope to explore these different styles of leadership through Unpacked and highlight the passionate young leaders who are practicing them.

Hey! My name is Nyawira Nyota, and I am a sophomore double majoring in mechanical engineering and Spanish. In addition to hosting Unpacked, I am passionate about service, which I believe to be a key part of leadership, and serve with a Special Needs Ministry in Wake Forest, my hometown. I also love to dance, and I am part of Botewa, NC State’s African dance team.

Past Episodes

Leadership Unpacked episodes are aired on WKNC every other Friday at 8 AM. Leadership Unpacked will also be housed below on Leadership and Civic Engagement’s website. Follow our journey to unpack leadership on Instagram.

Brandon Yancey is originally from Charlotte North Carolina. Here at NC State he is majoring in both Chemical Engineering an Chemistry and is better known as Yance Tha Whys. Yance is the founder of the NC State Hip Hop Project. This organization works to help students refine their skills and make connections in the local hip hop scene.

“For me, what matters most are those things for which we can be passionate about; that which we can fully and eagerly embrace, giving love and receiving life in return. This is what music is for me; my Most Valuable Passion.”

How do you want to make an impact in the world? Sometimes it can be difficult to find a career, major, or organization where we feel the most influential. Nyawira and Luke spoke with Nicholas Biondo, a senior at NC State who recently switched focus from veterinary medicine to human medicine, about navigating big transitions, self-reflection, and resilience in the face of failure. The two “unpack” the conversation with Dr. Anna Patton, the director of the Impact Leadership Village, who shared strategies for making difficult decisions, the power of relational leadership, and the importance of self-care.

Sidney Uriarte, a senior in civil engineering, spent the summer in her home country of Nicaragua protesting the oppressive government alongside her mother, and hundreds of thousands of others who marched across the country. In this episode she shares stories of young activists she met while marching, the powerful legacy of protesting in her family and how she feels youth have redefined leadership. Later, we hear from Marcela Torres-Cervantes, Associate Director of Multicultural Student Affairs, as she speaks about the ways youth have redefined leadership, and how we can bridge generational differences to better our communities.

Want to Be a Part of Unpacked Podcast?

If you or someone you know is a passionate youth leader who wants to share their story, please contact us. If you are an experienced leader who would like to help “unpack” our conversations with youth leaders, please email Luke Shealy at ldshealy@ncsu.edu.