LeaderShape Institute Inspires Growth, Self-Discovery

CSLEPS will be accepting applications for the 2016 LeaderShape Institute soon. Mario Castro, participated in the 2014 class of the six-day program aimed at helping students to tap into their leadership capacity.

“I first heard about LeaderShape through some of my brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon,” says Castro. “They had gone in previous years and told me about how great of an opportunity it was and how inspirational it was.”

The LeaderShape Institute is a national leadership development program that challenges participants to think about what they want to do as well as who they want to be. That makes for an atmosphere that Castro says encourages openness and exciting dialogue.

“It’s definitely a week of fun and it’s a week of learning and becoming a better leader, but they’re not going to be just talking ‘at’ you,” he said. “Most of the conversations are driven by the participants.

“I think I learned how to trust people and how to be more open at the Institute. Within our family cluster we talked a lot about where we came from and the struggles we’ve been through in our lives, and how we related. It was kind of amazing for me to see how similar I was to other people and how open other people were. It made me want to be open.”
The Institute consist of challenging and exciting programs intended to produce breakthroughs for participants in their understanding of leadership and the development of skills to broaden individual leadership potential.
“One of the things I set out to improve was being more assertive and being more confident in my decisions as a leaders”, he said. “I think throughout the week at LeaderShape, I started to see how I could make those changes.

“A major take-away for me was being able to lead with integrity, having a strong vision and also being able to build community and learning how to make an impact within a group of people.”

The application period for the 2016 Institute will be February 19 – March 20. Dates for the Institute are May 10-15, 2016. For more information (and a link to the application) visit csleps.ncsu.edu during the application period and follow @CSLEPS for more information.

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