Gane On Track to Complete VLC in One Semester

Each year, NC State awards Visionary Leader Certificates to students who have completed a comprehensive series of leadership development workshops within CSLEPS. Students are given up to two academic years to achieve the VLC, which requires completion of 12 Leadership Development Series Workshops. One student, however, is on track to finishing the certificate in just one semester.

When she arrived on campus two months ago, Pauline Gane wasted no time getting involved. “I’ve participated in 12 workshops so far, and I have one tonight,” she said. “It is because I am only here for one semester. I have to take them quickly, but I love the workshops.”

Gane, whose hometown is Paris, France, is at NC State as a part of the SKEMA program.

“I first took an Leadership Development Series Workshop with Dawn Morgan,” said Gane. “She told me about the VLC program, and I was really interested because it had such a shiny name ‘Visionary leader Certificate’. She talked about it with so much passion, that it inspired me to want to go after the certificate.”

Gane says that, among other things, the Visionary Leader Certificate process has allowed her to appreciate diversity in thought and openness in American culture.

“The biggest part of this experience, for me, is learning how other people view things,” she said. “Here (in America) you share so much of your background. You express so much about where you come from and why you believe the things you do. For people to be so open is sort of different for me. What it makes me see is how some people who attend the same workshop as you, do not see the topic the same way you do.”

The Leadership Development Series provides workshops categorized in four leadership domains: Person, People, Passion and Practice. Each domain identifies dimensions or competency areas connected to specific workshops.

“Right now, I am participating in more ‘person’ workshops,” said Gane. “I know there are things I need to work on in myself in order to become a stronger leader. That has really made me think about how I listen and understand everyone’s view. Sometimes I think ‘ok I didn’t think about that’. That has made me grow so much.”

The Visionary Leaders Certificate (VLC) Program is a great way to experience the Leadership Development Series (LDS) and apply what you’ve learned while attending NC State. Gane encourages more students to take advantage of the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain the certificate.

“Students should really go after this certificate,” she said. “The workshops are about more than leadership; they really help you develop as an individual and show you how to relate to other people. That is something I have really learned and will take with me when I leave.”

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