Team Leader Application

Job Description

Thank you for applying to be a team leader for the Alternative Service Break Program.  This position will be very rewarding, but will also take a significant amount of time so please carefully consider your availability and commitment.  If you are looking for a significant student leadership experience and are committed to serving others, this is the role for you!

You and your co-leader (if applicable) will coordinate all aspects of the trip including recruitment and team selection, service site arrangements, as well as preparing the team to serve, leading reflection, and evaluating the program.  You will have a faculty/staff advisor(s) who will support you along the way and assist as needed.

Required Skills

  • Positive attitude
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for serving others
  • Leadership skills including consensus building
  • Strong problem solving skills

Preferred Skills

  • Ability to speak Spanish (international trips)
  • International travel experience
  • Group travel experience

Note:  Preference will be given to students who have participated in the ASB program or have other similar group/international service experience


  • Enroll and actively participate in team leader training class
  • Work collaboratively with co-leader (if applicable) and maintain regular and open communication
  • Assist with recruitment and selection of team members
  • Plan & implement pre-trip meetings to prepare team for all aspects of domestic or international travel
  • Coordinate group fundraising efforts and delegate appropriately
  • Maintain regular communication with service partner contacts, advisors, and Leadership and Civic Engagement staff
  • Responsible for keeping all records for team and providing appropriate documents to Leadership and Civic Engagement staff
  • Coordinate transportation, lodging, meals, and cultural activities
  • Prepare reflection activities for team members throughout the planning process, service experience, and post trip reflections
  • Maintain proper health and safety measures throughout trip
  • Meet with Leadership and Civic Engagement staff periodically to discuss progress
  • Coordinate group presentation at conclusion of the trip for the ASB Celebration
  • Organize follow-up activities with team
  • Other duties as assigned


A portion of your trip will be paid for (depending on the number of student leaders selected and whether you are leading a domestic or international trip).  Typically, Leadership and Civic Engagement will cover half of the trip cost. Team Leaders will be responsible for fundraising for the balance of their trip.


Please fill our your APPLICATION and sign up for a 30 minute INTERVIEW time by April 15th

Please contact Adam Culley with any questions!