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Join us January 11-13 to engage with the Highland Support Project
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ASB During COVID-19

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ASB During COVID-19

The Alternative Service Break program has been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we are working hard to provide safe, engaging experiences for students virtually and locally when in-person options become safe again. We are grateful for the countless individuals and groups at NC State and around the world working to ensure we can stay in community with one another even if separated by difficult circumstances. For more information about our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us via email at

Upcoming ASB Opportunities
Winter Virtual ASB – January 2021
Join us this January for an engaging virtual experience with the Highland Support Project. Click here to learn more.
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The Alternative Service Break (ASB) program is a unique learning experience in which students engage in direct service to a community while being immersed in the culture. Teams are led by student team-leaders and accompanied by faculty or staff advisors. Each team spends extensive time prior to travel doing team-building, planning for their experience, and studying the scope of their impact in the communities they will engage with. Throughout their travels, team members participate in a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and reflective activities to enhance their service experience. During fall/spring break, our student groups serve in North Carolina, across the United States, and around the world. Teams sponsored by Leadership and Civic Engagement and other campus partners focus on water quality and sanitation, affordable housing, youth education and empowerment, medical clinics, LGBTQ+ and civil rights, and environmental issues.

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Goals of ASB

  • To develop and enhance a value for public service, civic engagement, and service-learning within the participants.
  • To develop diverse service teams committed to exploring and advocating for social justice issues.
  • To help participants reflect on their privileges and begin to use these to break down the systems that afford unearned privilege in our society.
  • To provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their roles in a global community.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural and language immersion through service projects with diverse individuals and communities.
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 Trip Application

Travel Award

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Concerned about Paying for an Experience?

The Alternative Service Break program is the only cost-associative program operated by Leadership and Civic Engagement. We desire to make every effort to remove barriers to students being able to participate in ASB, and there are a number of avenues through which financials barriers can be managed appropriately:

  • Payment Plans
    Our office offers payment plans to individuals in need of scheduled financing in order to participate in ASB. Please contact Adam Culley via email at to set up an assessment meeting and create a plan that fits your needs.
  • Travel Awards
    In the academic year 2019-2020, our office awarded over $33,000 in travel awards to students participating in the ASB programs. Participants apply for awards during the application period. Click here to navigate to the travel awards application.
  • College of Engineering Students
    Fee-paying students whose majors are part of the College of Engineering may have the opportunity to receive some financial support for the travel portion of your ASB experience depending on funding availability. For more information, be sure to attend one of the information sessions or contact Adam Culley via email at
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Passport and International Services

NC State University has its own Passport Services office right on campus! If you’re in need of applying for, updating, or have questions regarding your Passport for international travel, set up an appointment with Passport Services today in preparation for your ASB experience.

For international students considering an ASB experience, please be sure to consult with the Office of International Services and/or your respective embassy to ensure all documentation and permissions are in order prior to your commitment. All international students are responsible to being aware of the implications of traveling outside the United States while on their visa status.

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Payments, Testimonials, and FAQs

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Participant Resources

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Questions about the ASB program? Contact Adam Culley via email at